Boscam TS582000 5.8Ghz 2W 8 Channel VTx for FPV

This is the manual of the the Boscam TS582000 is a powerful 5.8Ghz VTx.  The best thing about this transmitter is its listed output obviously.. but that’s the only advantage, in my opinion and one could get a lower powered transmitter which can probably get almost the same range. As effective range is affected by several factors afterall.

Here are my comments about this transmitter:

1) Replace the Stock Antenna. Using this with the stock yagi antenna, is pointless because of the donut hole effect which results faded signals when the plane is above you.  It works best using a circular polarized antenna like the Immersion RC Spironet.  In fairness, this holds true to all 5.8 transmitters available in the market today.  All I’m saying the cost difference of putting in a circular polarized antenna (instead of the yagi) for such a powerful transmitter would probably have made little price difference.

2) Limited Mounting Options. You’d think by now that the VTx’s which are being sold as for ‘FPV’ would have better mounting options, but they dont.  Again, this holds true for almost all of the antennas out there.  In my case, I had to reverse the antenna so I can use the mounting screws of the fan to screw it to a custom mounting using a phone card.

3) Clunky Channel Panel. Unlike other transmitters, this particular one is a pain when changing channels.  Not only are the switches really small, there’s no visual feedback to show which channel is active.  Other transmitters have a small digital-like screen to show the active channel which is really handy specially in the field.  In a couple of instances I had to embarrassingly request other FPV flyers if they can change their channel as the 2W is overwhelming everybody and as I said changing the channel on this transmitter is a real pain in the @ss.

Here’s the manual of this transmitter:

Boscam TS582000 Manual
Boscam TS582000 Manual
Boscam TS582000 Manual
Boscam TS582000 Manual



3 thoughts on “Boscam TS582000 5.8Ghz 2W 8 Channel VTx for FPV”

  1. You give the video input terminal at Analog Cable designed not at RCA cables. I would like to know that can I change these Analog Cables to a RCA Cables of an Audio Video and why you adopted these Analog Cables to this Transmitter ? My last point is that I only want to transmit Audio Video from my DVD or EVD machine not from a Camera.

  2. Hi.
    Have you checked it at stock antenna and what was the result? Work at what of the 8 channels gave the best result?

    1. Hi no didnt really use the stock antenna for FPV, I suggest you use circ polarized antenna for best results. Use freq at the lowest freq AND with the least interference.. This varies from location to location so you may need to do bench and check out flight tests. Safe landings!

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