How to upgrade a FrySky Taranis X9D plus to OpenTX 2.2.0

Here’s the lowdown on installing OpenTX 2.2.0 to your FrySky Taranis X9D Plus, this being just the OS, this should also work for other transmitters using OpenTX.

1) Download 2.2.0 OpenTX Companion.

2) Backup! backup old firmware and radio models

3) Update Profile Info. Open your profile and check LUA and LUAC under the profile and save. This also solves the issue on “Invalid Language” Error.

OpenTX Invalid Language Error

4) Click on “Download Firmware and voice files”.

5) Write firmware to radio.

6) Read Models and Settings from Radio, you will be prompted with an error “eeprom old format” or something.. this only means that  the model file format in the transmitter is still 2.1.9. Simply replace this file in the radio by “Write Models and Settings to Radio”.

7) Backup or save the radio and model profile found in your SDCARD to your PC as  well as we will delete the taranis’ SDCARD contents in the next step. What I is go to the SDCARD and copy all the contents from there to the PC.

8) Replace your USB contents with default 2.2.0 SDCARD.. if you dont do this step, you will get an error re wrong USB version.  Open the taranis USB and remove old files and replace with unzipped correct contents from

9) Transfer your saved radio profiles saved in #7 above, unplug the radio and test.   Good Luck!


1.) Remove Unnecessary sound files. Clean up /SDCARD/SOUNDS in your attached SDCARD (and SDCARD sync folder in your PC by removing folders of languages you dont need.

2.) Update sound files. Download Updated Soundpack for 2.2.0:

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