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Flying over T3 (Tumana Tamarind Tree) in Marikina

I was finally able to fly in T3 at the banks of the Tumana River in Marikina a couple of weeks ago.   There are two flying fields, the smaller one is an abandoned subdivision which is adequate for quads, choppers and park flyers. A bigger one is available for larger scale planes, nitros etc and the occasional maiden flights.  This site is being set up as a vehicle impounding area by the MMDA, its quite new and while its not being used yet for its purpose.. RC enthusiasts are allowed to use it.  The flying zone is quite big extending about  1.5km to the north, all farm land and the banks of the river.  It can be windy and tracking on the downwind leg can get really dicey.

Update 2013-12-02: heard that the larger “upper” field will be off-limits soon to non-MMDA personnel =( So this could be one of the last videos of the field being ’empty’.

Update 2013-12-05: It looks like MMDA is now using the ‘upper’ field  24/7.  Well it was good while it lasted.