Charge! My Portable Charging Station

This is my portable charging station.  Materials to wit:

1) Pelican/PVC Case.
2) 1 set of 2 units HP power supply pumping out 12v/24v x 1800watts (intentionally oversized for future proofing!)
3) 1 Turnigy Reaktor 250W
4) 2 pcs 4″x 5″x 2.2″ plastic containers (for the small stuff)
5) 1 pc Lipo Bag
6) 5 strips of Velcro Extreme (used to stick the charger, power supply and plastic containers to the case)
7) 2 sets regular Velcro (for the parallel board)
8) 3M Double-sided tape to stick the aluminium pan to the case.
9) 1 pc 7.5″x 11″x 3″  aluminium baking pan
10) 1 unit LiPo Parallel Charging Board


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