Flying over Panglao, Bohol

Had the opportunity to visit  Panglao over the weekend.  After the 7.1 earthquake the resilient Boholanos did all they could to immediately get back on their feet and just over a week later almost all the tourist spots were reopened. Even the Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao was already open.   Unlike the western side of Bohol, Tagbilaran City (the capital of Bohol) and Panglao to the south, did not suffer any major damage (though the two bridges connecting Bohol and Panglao was raised by more than a foot by the quake).

Here’ a video of Panglao from the air.. using the Hitec Skyscout, Gopro and Lemon DSM RX (erstwhile known as Orange RX).  At under $10 the Lemon is a very very capable alternative receiver and is more than enough for short, fun flights.. a Lemon it is not.

Here’s the vid: