IcarusFPV takes to the air! First FPV flights.. check!

The long holiday gave me enough time to finish the assembly of the video transmitter and portable ground station.   The $9 Carbon Fiber holder mount bracket  from AliExpress.. was all the scaffolding needed to screw or tie up everything.


Made 2 flights yesterday.. the first saw the plane go into a stall.. making a beeline for mother earth from 100 ft.. recovered just in time and land behind some trees. Fortunately the plane and electronics were practically undamaged.  The 2w VTx proved its worth, and continued transmitting from the ground.  The second flight was better and your professional crash pilot was able to FINALLY fly real FPV (and enjoy the view!).. could not have been possible without the invaluable help from club residents Kevin, Bryan and Emil who provided the spotting and FPV flying tips!

What an excellent FPV day!

Here's my FPV training platform =) 25% glue!
Here’s my FPV training platform =) 25% glue!

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