EzUHF out of the box

I got the  ImmersionRC EZUHF transmitter and diversity receiver a couple of weeks ago. The transmitter package includes:  the antenna, the transmitter box, head tracker cable, power cable with an open wire, and a transmitter to rc controller cable (in this case for a futaba).   Obviously, since I’m using a Spektrum 6i I have to replace the futaba plug with a 3.5mm mono plug for the 6i’s trainer port.




The receiver comes with a data cable (for EzOSD which I didnt get) and the two diversity antennas.



The first thing  I did was upgrade the firmware of the BOTH (must be the same FW version) the transmitter and receiver to v1.43 which includes their ‘Extreme Hopping’ mode (ie frequency hopping in a larger 20Mhz band instead of the default 2Mhz).


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