Last saturday was a great day for flying FPV.. I flew several relatively long flights (ie at least 15 minutes anyway), the first flight was at dawn, 6:30AM and I flew more than 1.4km before turning back and chickening out =) ¬†altitude was about 250m. ¬† I noticed the that the APM2.6+minimosd is heating up quite quickly.. positioned in the compartment under the wings it seems like there’s not much ventilation there in the Skywalker.

After lunch, I used a plastic spoon to create an air scoop and glued that to a small hole in the fuselage to ventilate the APM system.. it proved to be very effective, lowering the temperature from 39.2C (while on the ground) to 36.9C (while cruising).

Took a couple of longer flights and was able to get to 560m in altitude and 1.5+km out.

Manila Bay
Manila Bay from 500m+ in cavite
Home Base!
Home Base from 1.5km away
Metro Manila
Metro Manila from 500m in Cavite. Manila Bay on the left, Laguna de Bay on the right.

2 thoughts on “FPV!”

  1. Hello Jhon..(I take it that that’s your name).
    i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time while I was still in Australia. I have since relocated to Manila and I am very much interested in flying at your field.
    What days are you usually active at the field? I am keen to visit and have a look and meet and greet the flyers there.

    I look forward to your reply.


    Joe Pestana

    1. hi joe,

      thanks for visiting my site.. I usually fly in Brittany RC field in cavite (you can google “brittany rc field molino” to check the location). There’s usually flyers there on weekends (though its not unusual to see a couple during the weekdays). I have not been flying lately though — after a fly-away incident =) — but will be back, hopefully, soon. The field is membership btw, if you do drop by you can look for the regulars (who are also officers of the club) like Robert, Doc, Emil, Kevin or Bryan who will gladly introduce you to the rest of the members, membership requirements and field rules.

      If you’re somewhere in the northern part of Metro Manila, you can also fly — strictly during weekends and holidays only — in UP Diliman. The open and free-for-all flying field there is the field with the experimental monorail. It’s in the corner of University Ave (coming from Philcoa) and CP Garcia. Its not big, but it will do for some checkout flights.


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