RC Flying over Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales

I’ve always wanted to fly FPV or otherwise, in Mt. Pinatubo.  It finally happened last week. Unfortunately, my FPV gear remains languishing in a corner, unassembled for a year now (my main beef is the interference of the 800tvl camera on the vTX and never got to do anything about it — too busy with a new baby I guess).  So as with all my flying this year, I had to be happy using my good friend the Hitec Skyscout and a Xiaomi Yi camera for the vid.

The Mt. Pinatubo caldera looks even better than I ever imagined, FPV would have been really cool with incredible footage of the crater walls and aquamarine lake water.

Flying LOS and manual in the crater is a bit challenging mainly due to the unpredictable wind directions and gusts brought about by the surrounding crater walls.  I had enough adrenaline and chocolates in my system that I didnt even eat lunch!


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